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Stick Photo Star

Stick Photo Star allows you to stick many effects into your photo, create colorful image with star, lighting, creative graphics, sky, different scenery and memorable frames. All tasks to you, only click mouse on different effect, it will stick onto your photo, or you can drag the effect with mouse to correct position, or drag small square of down corner to resize the effect, or drag small circle of up corner to adjust the angle to get customize image.

  • Preset 20 combinations after imported your photo.
  • You can place your big-head photo into background with different frame.
  • Add any number single star, lighting, or other graphics into photo.
  • Offer 10 styles of effects, sky, star, amaze, scenery, frame, etc.
  • Any objects in photo, you can move, resize, rotate, cut side, flip, or reverse.
  • To star or lighting, you can select other color.

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Place big-head into background.

Some effects with Stick Photo Star.

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